It requires only a little time daily to look after your skin with Rasayana products; morning and evening are excellent times to do this, and your skin's natural moisture and elasticity will be back to normal and appear much more radiant.

If you know your skin type, please see the following recommendations on how to do your own skin care. There are basically 4 skin types:






All skin types should use a morning and evening cleansing, tonic and application of a restorative, moisturizing cream. Naturally to do this we need to identify which skin type you belong.


The oil produced by skin makes it resistant to external elements, and sagging and wrinkles do not easily occur. Having these advantages of oily skin, the only disadvantage is it tends to produce acne, and where the skin is uncared for there would be more acne, and scars may become permanent.

The greasy skin pores associated with oily skin are large and shiny, sometimes with acne and sometimes without.


1 - Cleansing Milk (this cleansing milk is the same for all skin types).

Spread the Rasayana Cleansing Milk from the bottom of the face upwards using your fingertips in gentle circular motions rubbing the skin for 2-3 minutes, until the milk fully covers the face. Then wipe away from the bottom up using damp cotton, and wash with plenty of water. This procedure is for opening closed pores and for removing dirt and residues from the skin.

2 - Balancing Tonic: moisten a skin-care cotton pad with Rasayana Balancing Tonic for Oily Skin and dab over the whole face from the bottom up - this helps the pores become firmer, restores the pH to its normal level of 5.5, and removes the grease. If this procedure is skipped, the pH balance of the skin will be abnormal and if it becomes highly alkaline, the skin will be vulnerable to allergy, irritation and skin fungus.

3 - Day Care: Use the Rasayana Lavender Flower Day Cream to balance the skin throughout the day, it has a relaxing and soothing effect on acne, and protects the skin from external influences. A Day Care cream is a must.

4 - Evening Care: During sleep, the skin rests just like our body and so the night is the most appropriate time for all the repair and nourishment we can give our skin - applying the Rasayana Aromatic Skin Care for Oily Skin on the skin following an Evening Cleansing (steps 1 & 2) will help balance the skin sebum, revitalize, and prepare the skin for the next day. For skin that does not form acne, use the Rasayana Aromatic Oil for Dry Skin, whilst for acne, use the Rasayana Aromatic Oil for Acne Removal.

All skin types need skin care morning and evening. According to the needs of the skin, mask and peeling should be done 2 or 3 times a week, after the Cleansing Milk and before the Balancing Tonic. Peeling should be done to remove acne traces once the acne-prone skin has stopped producing acne.


To be done 2 or 3 times a week:

1 - Cleansing Milk: Rasayana Cleansing Milk

2 - Peeling and Facial Steam Bath: Use Rasayana Sensitive Skin Peeling. Add ordinary tap water to 1 teaspoon of powder mixture until it becomes a cake dough, then spread over the face with small circular movements, until it dries out and completely flakes from the skin. After this, a steam bath if wished will be very effective after peeling, to loosen the blackheads and to clean the pores.

The best plants to use for an oily skin facial steam bath are sage, linden (lime) and rosemary. Put a handful of this mixture in a bowl with hot water and cover your head with a towel, placing your face over the bowl so that steam can penetrate the skin. Keep your face over the steam for ten minutes. The blackheads can then be removed, squeezing with two fingers, using a paper towel.

3 – Facial Mask: for oily skin and acne, the Rasayana Clay Mask will help to firm and lift the skin helping it find its balance. Place the jar of clay in hot water for 10 minutes, and when it takes the consistency of seaweed, apply on the face and wait for 20-25 minutes until it completely cools. Wash away thoroughly.

4- Tonic: Rasayana Balancing Tonic

5- Skincare Oil or Cream: Use morning and evening.



The skin looks dry and lustreless and the pores are almost invisible, due to lack of sebum. Dryness increases with age, and a skin that used to be oily in earlier life can become dry after the menopause when the hormones are less active and oil secretion decreases. Fine wrinkles appear after the age of 35 and they become deeper with age.

As the sebum and collagen decreases, the skin sags and appears less moist and without radiance. There are also young people who can have dry skin with invisible pores and a tight skin.



1 - Cleansing Milk: Spread the Rasayana Cleansing Milk from the bottom of the face upwards over the face with your fingertips in gentle circular movements, rubbing the skin for 2-3 minutes until the milk covers the face. Then wipe with damp cotton from the bottom up, and wash thoroughly with water. This opens closed pores and removes dirt and residues from the skin.

2 - Tonic : Moisturize the skin-care cotton pad with Rasayana Firming and Lifting Tonic and pat the face over from the bottom up. This toning process helps the pores to become firmer, balances the pH and is effective for the recovery of connective tissue. It is a good softener for tight skin.

3 - Day Care Cream: Use Rasayana Wild Rose Cream for very sagging skin and wrinkles (or Rasayana Marigold Cream below);- the organic wild rose (Rosa Moschota) and Evening Primrose (Primrose) works well with normal and dry skin, firming connective tissues and lifting, whilst organic yoyoba oil moisturises the skin and myrtle oil lifts the skin. Using this cream the connective tissue tightens, the skin recovers, and facial expression lines and wrinkles are reduced.

You can use the Rasayana Marigold Cream on dry and sensitive skin for care and deep nourishment, and you can also use it for hands and feet as it is effective against the formation of callus.


4 - Evening Care Oil: Rasayana Dry Skin Aromatic Oil cares and balances dry and sensitive skin. It reduces wrinkles and strengthens connective tissue, relieves dry skin tension and nourishes the skin.



To be done 2 or 3 times a week -

1 - Cleansing Milk: Rasayana Cleansing Milk

2- Peeling and Facial Steam Bath: Apply the same way as for oily skin to remove dead skin and black spots. After this, take a steam bath with a mixture of calendula, hibiscus and mallow flowers, and remove the remaining black spots with a paper towel.

3- Facial Mask: Rasayana Firming and Lifting Mask with its content of moss, volcanic clay, olive extract and evening primrose extract is excellent for combating sagging and worn out connective tissue. Steep in hot water for 10 minutes and when it becomes like seaweed, apply on the face and wait for 20-25 minutes until completely cool, and then wash thoroughly with water.

4- Tonic: Rasayana Firming and Lifting Tonic

5- Morning Cream and Evening Oil: see steps 3 & 4 above.




The mixed skin type can be semi-oily or normal skin. The T-shaped zone of the forehead and nose can be oily, whilst other regions may be dry. There is normal skin sebum secretion, no acne, sufficiently tight connective tissue and little or no problem. In general, the mixed skin type can be found at any age. After 50 years of age the skin becomes dry. This skin type is easy to care for. MIXED SKIN - CARE PROCESS:

1 - Cleansing Milk: Apply Rasayana Cleansing Milk just the same way as for dry and oily skin, to clean the face.

2 - Tonic: Apply Rasayana Revitalizing Tonic just as for the other Tonics, to rejuvenate normal and young skin, cleansing and refreshing the skin pores and firming.

3 - Day Care: The Rasayana Calendula Cream is used daily to maintain skin equilibrium, to moisturize, and repair. It is a natural restorative, rejuvenating cream, and can also be used for sunburns and as a hand cream. The calendula plant is particularly effective as a repairing cream and can be used for eczema, fungal problems, nappy (diaper) rashes, varicose veins and can also for healing wounds.

4 - Night Care: Use Rasayana Mixed Skin Oil to nourish and repair the skin during night rest.



To be done 2 or 3 times a week:

1 - Cleansing Milk: Rasayana Cleansing Milk

2 - Peeling:  Use Rasayana Sensitive Skin Peeling the same way as for the other skin types. A facial steam bath may be necessary if there are black spots: for this a mixture of hibiscus and sage is recommended; 15-20 minutes after skin becomes soft, the black spots are compressed with the help of the tips of two fingers and a paper towel.

3- Mask: Rasayana Nourishing Skin Care Mask contains organic flax seed, wheat grass, sunflower seed, rose and chamomile. It has a high content of vitamins and protein, reduces wrinkles and restores the skin's natural balance.

Mix the mask powder with 1 tablespoon of water until it becomes like cake dough. Cover the face (eyes closed) with the gauze that is in the Mask box, and apply the mask over the gauze. Leave for 20 minutes, then take off the gauze. (Using a gauze helps the cleaning  process). Now clean the face with a damp cotton pad, and wash thoroughly with water.

4 - Tonic: Rasayana Revitalizing Tonic

5 - Day and Night Care Cream or Oil: see steps 3 & 4 above.



The symptoms of Sensitive Skin are rash, redness, cracked blood vessels around the cheek area, very thin skin, and are much affected by skincare products and creams. Some oversensitivity may also occur because of liver disease or other conditions such as Rosacea skin. This type of skin is very red and the face looks a bit swollen. It is recommended to be very careful with this skin type and only Rasayana Calendula Flower Cream should be used. For less sensitive skin and other skin types, all the products can be used easily.



1 - Cleansing Milk: Same as for the other skin types.

2 - Tonic: Use Rasayana Soothing Tonic for sensitive skin and skins with blood vessels prominently on the surface; it is soothing, balancing, cleansing, firming and relaxing. Dab with a moist cotton pad or spray on the face (do not wipe), then allow to dry.

3- Day Care: Use Rasayana Calendula Skin Cream to balance, restore and reduce skin sensitivity. Sensitive skin may be associated with other skin types.

Oily - Sensitive = Rasayana Lavender Cream

Dry - Sensitive = Rasayana Marigold Cream

Normal - Sensitive = Rasayana Calendula Flower Cream

4- Night Care: Use the appropriate aromatic care for the skin type (normal, oily, dry, and especially freckled). All oils can be used for sensitive skin; always following their instructions.


1 - Cleansing Milk: Rasayana Cleansing Milk

2 - Peeling: For normal sensitive skin (unsuitable for oversensitive skin types such as those with Rosacea or cracking capillaries); apply the Rasayana Sensitive Skin Peeling with gentle movements for 5 minutes. Then a facial steam bath can be done with a mixture of calendula, chamomile, rose, Rasayana Flower Tea.

3 - Mask: Use Rasayana Nourishing and Repairing Seed Mask on the whole face the same way as for the dry skin.

4 - Tonic: As step 2 above

5 - Day or Night Cream or Oil: As steps 3 & 4 above.